Culinary in Makassar Sulawesi

While you are going holiday, you should enlist about the tourist destinations that you can visit for making your holiday perfect, as well as don’t forget to enlist about what kind of foods that you should try. As we know, in every region has its own traditional dish which has different taste even if they have the same name. As if you want to visit Makassar, Sulawesi, you must try their favorite dishes to make sure that you have tasted them well before leaving it.

There are thousands of traditional dishes while you are visiting Makassar, Sulawesi Island, but you can taste some of them that you might like to be the dishes in your mealtime while in this city. The dishes are:

1.      Sop Konro and Grilled Konro. Sop Konro is a beef which is served with savory broth and Grilled Konro is grilled of beef ribs and served with Makassar’s peanut sauce.


2.      Sop Saudara. It is a kind of hot broth in a bowl with beef mixed, deep fried of mashed potato, and vermicelli. You also can eat this sop with plain rice.

3.      Coto Makassar. It is a bowl of coto with beef and ketupat, rice cooked which is packed in the palm leaves, which is served with thick savory broth.

4.      Mie Titi. This food is fried noodle which is served with a thick sauce of egg with veggies, shrimps, and chicken.

5.      PisangEpe. This food is pressed grilled banana which is served with the melted brown sugar and also you can choose the toppings for this food like durian, cheese and also chocolate flavor.

6.      PisangIjo. This food is banana wrapped in thick flour layer of green rice which is served with syrup and condensed coconut milk and some of grated ice on it.

7.      Mie Pangsit. It is a noodle which is served with BBQ wontons, chicken and pork. It will be your best options for your lunch time. However, if you are a Moslem, you can ask to the seller to don’t use the pork on it.

8.      Pallubasa. You can say that this dish is similar to Coto Makassar, but you should know that it has different taste. In this dish, you will get the soup with grated coconut, lung, liver, and also meat.

9.      NasiKuning. If you want to have a breakfast in this city, you also can find Yellow Rice as what some other cities do. Notice that in every city has yellow rice as breakfast menu, they have different taste of it, so the yellow rice in this city does. In this city, it contains veggies, lung, meat, egg, and more ingredients.

10.  Songkolo. It is the stirred glutinous rice which is served with sambal, traditional chili sauce, salted fish, ad fried grated coconut. It will be your best menus for breakfast.

There are some dishes that you can try while you are going holiday in Makassar, Sulawesi Island, and you can feel the different taste which it offers to you.