Is Laser Eye Surgery Really Worth It?

Imagine waking up to 20/20 vision every morning without having to put on glasses or insert contact lenses first. For those who have impaired eyesight, this is no small feat, and could be a life-changing experience. Your eyesight is one of the most valuable things your body has to offer, and it can be debilitating when it begins to go downhill. Glasses can be cumbersome, especially when attempting to take part in sporting activities or attending social events, whilst contacts have the tendency to dry your eyes out and become extremely uncomfortable. If you’re tired of dealing with your impaired eyesight and all the inconveniences it brings, then laser eye surgery, or Lasik, could be the solution to all your woes. However, many people are still reluctant to undergo surgery. It may seem easier just to continue as you always have done, just accepting the tedium of dealing with contacts or glasses, but what could this really cost you?

Risks of Contact Lenses

Although many people go through life using contacts without any issues, they are one of those things that have the ability to cause severe problems if something goes wrong. Besides from the common symptoms of causing irritated eyes, contacts can lead to more serious issues such as swelling and infections which could result in lasting damage to your eyes. By inserting a foreign body into your eye each day which will serve to block the oxygen flow you are at constant risk of contamination. Just a small piece of dirt or fluff could lead to serious problems later down the line, and studies show that the risks of using extended wear contacts is in fact higher than the risk of infection from undergoing laser eye surgery.

An Investment

Although laser eye surgery can feel like an expensive undertaking for many, it is actually a shrewd investment when looked at in the long-term. Some San Antonio Lasiksurgeries offer a lifetime pledge, meaning that if you require any adjustments following surgery they will carry these out free of charge. In such cases, this means that the price you pay for surgery is a one-off fee, and when this is compared to the smaller weekly or monthly costs of contact lenses or glasses it tends to work out far cheaper in the long run. If you are looking at it this way, the earlier that you get surgery the better, as you will be able to reap its benefits for many more years to come and save more money over time.

Why Not Book Today?

So, if you’ve been putting off booking laser eye surgery because it’s too expensive or because you’re willing to deal with contact lenses for now, this may not be a sensible approach. Why wait until you’re 50 years old to operate, when you could be enjoying a lifetime free of glasses from the age of 30 instead? By overcoming your uncertainties and booking an appointment today, you can be on your way to clearer vision for the rest of your days.