Signs of alcohol use in adolescents

Alcoholism can manifest in small subtle signs and symptoms during the initial phase. Remember that alcoholic beverages are part of the substances that, in spite of an addiction, has one of the largest acceptance in society. This is what makes is that the alcohol will be an item with a widespread presence in all kinds of events and events. The alcohol is present from the children’s parties, parties at the end of the week, family gatherings, celebrations with friends, even in meetings with important people, going through the dinner and simple meals at home or in restaurants.

Between the main signs of alcohol use in adolescents include the following:

  1. Leakage of alcohol or beers at any meeting families: Many parents of families do not pay full attention to what is happening with the children, while they are waiting to be the best hosts of your home. One of the first signs of alcohol consumption in adolescents is when these meetings they drink beer or alcohol, either in the company of a family member or alone in your room.
  2. The boys believe that the drink beers often do not cause any type of damage: many young people after leaving school or when they go out to have fun with your friends consider that take a beer or two does not cause any type of addiction. Worst of all is that, many times parents are aware of this and allow the child to take a couple of beers with friends, the problem is that, if they do not speak of the consequences that this will bring them, all of them can come in against.
  3. In the social contexts the teen is always with a glass of alcohol in your hand: this is true not only when it is in the parties or family gatherings, if not in the momentary visits home from friends or neighbors, and in general in any social context, since they consider that, like all those who take around consider that any time is a good time to celebrate.

If you as a parent, you notice that your child is always looking for ways of how to get out with your friends to take or parties where alcohol is the main engine of fun, then it’s time you take conscience and you sit down to talk to him.

In the event that the situation requires professional help, then we invite you to contact your customer service of our rehabilitation center