Take A Holistic Approach To Sickness And Overall Health

Today, more people are taking a closer look at their overall health and are choosing a more holistic approach when it comes to sickness, stress, and other factors that may affect their overall health. A lot of over-the-counter medications, creams, or serums have many different chemicals listed as ingredients. Consumers are starting to question the effects of these chemicals on the body and what it really is doing to their health. Below are a few examples of natural remedies people have turned to when combating a cold or flu, not sleeping, and exploring skin care options.

Common Household Ingredients To Fight Off A Cold Or The Flu

Cold and flu season occurs once a year, and the majority of people suffer from a cold and many others will get the flu. There are many medications out there that can be taken to relieve symptoms associated with colds and the flu. However, there are more natural household items that can be taken daily to help prevent getting a cold or the flu. The most common ingredients are honey, ginger, and lemons. Lemons and ginger are rich in antioxidants that boost the immune system, while honey works to smooth the throat.

Natural Products To Help Skin And Sleep

Having clear skin is important to both women and men. Natural products to clear up skin are tea tree oil, witch hazel, and Vitamin E. All three have similar properties in that they target acne. When it comes to sleep, it is very important to get quality rest every night. However, many people do not for one reason or another. A natural sleep aid is valerian. This is a herbal extract that can help induce sleep but does not have harmful side effects of over-the-counter medications or prescription sleep aides. Drinking chamomile tea is another natural way to induce sleep.

Living a holistic lifestyle is something many people are turning to. This includes eating a diet free of processed foods, exercising, and limiting the number of medications and prescriptions taken when sick. This gives the body an opportunity to naturally fight off disease and infection.